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Yantra is an apparatus, a mystical diagram. It can also be said Yantra is a visual Mantra. It is an instrument or talisman. It is usually made out of copper or silver. It helps remove malefic effects of planets and strengthens the positive effects or forces. Through Yantra, invisible sources of energy can be made to work for you.It helps fulfills one's desires and wishes. Yantras are not magic and it does not have any side effects as they are of an appeasing or propitiatory nature. Yantra gives protection to the native.

Yantras are prepared under definite guidelines and are imparted with energy after specific rituals and worships with prescribed mantras. Yantra is cosmic conductor of infinite energy. It is like an antenna of nature. Yantra has a history as old as human kind. Properly placed and perfectly drawn Yantra can provide prosperity,and good health and success. Yantra is potent and dynamic symbol. Like mantra is with regard to sound, Yantra is geometrical diagram that reveals specific energy.Used together with mantra,Yantra displays patterns of force that we hear in mantra. Yantra works through five basic elements of world, earth, air, fire, water and sky. It can be said that it is a tool of personal fulfillment.

In Hindu religion all auspicious works always begins with invocation of Lord Shree Ganesha, because Lord Ganesha has infinite power. When Statue of Lord Ganesha with special Mantra is placed in the house, it is considered to be a problem solver. Earth(Prithvi) Yantra is used to bestow comforts,ambitions and success.Water (Jal) Yantra bestow love,affection,wisdom.Fire(Agni) Yantra bestow success and remove obstacles. Air(Vayu) Yantra are rarely used and not recommended. Sky((Akash) Yantras bestow love,affection,education progress and remover of restlessness. There are numerous Yantras, we have discussed only important ones.

Yantras are prepared on an auspicious day and at specific time and place in order to energize them thru "Sidh Mantra". Such process in essence converts Yantra from simple diagram to invisible force of energy and antenna of nature. Only those Yantras which are "Sidh Yantras" (ones which are prepared according to strict Vedic principles and guidelines) can help fulfill one's desires.All our Yantras are "Sidh Yantras", they are purified, energized and charged with cosmic energy and spiritual power for max. benefits.


Yantra can be either worn as a pendant or kept in the place of worship in your home/office. Most people do have questions. They ask that they do not see any moving mechanism or parts, it is just a copper or silver ( or gold, steel, bronze etc. too)? Well, do we see magnetic field or say force of gravity? However, we are highly affected by these two forces, correct? People also ask, Yantras are just ordinary metal, how can it help ? Again, doctor operates with instruments which are made out of metal, but his medical knowledge with that metal knife saves our lives! Yantras have geometrical diagram of natural forces which does attracts cosmic energy, like TV and Radio antenna attracts frequencies.Bigger the Yantra better the result. Also there are various Yantras but Shree Yantra, Kuber Yantra and Ganesh Yantra are most popular Yantras.


Nature is not only for human kind, it is for all elements.Vedic Science tells us how to find out and utilize nature's resources. If mantra is invisible driving force by definition, yantra is visible driving force or means to gain wealth & influence and to ward-off ill effects of planets, thus bringing you good fortune in business, love and life in general. Yantras are occasionally made up of numbers or some set of symbols. They can be written on paper and worn as talisman or engraved on an amulet or pendant and worn on the body. They can also be painted on a door or wall or they can be engraved on copper silver or iron.Unless Yantra is worn or installed according to specific Vedic guidelines, its efficacy and effects are reduced, but there are no negative or bad side effects. In ancient India, few yantras are associated with auspicious symbols and powerful numbers.e.g. good luck square of nine which added up to fifteen was consider symbol pf prosperity. Today, quite a few people paint this square near entrance to their home or office. Yantras with appropriate mantras are very effective too to ward-off malefic effects of the planets in a person's birth chart. can recommend you planetary Yantra(the astrological Yantra) that can be customized for the weak planet that needs appeasement in one's birth chart/natal chart. Yantra provides a focal point that is a window into the absolute. It is so designed that the eye is carried into the center and most often they are symmetrical. When one focuses on a Yantra, his or her mind is naturally tuned in by resonance in to specific form energy of that Yantra. Yantra acts as a medium but the process of resonance is then maintained and magnified. The cosmic energy comes from macrocosm.

In the western world very little is known about Yantra, most people think of Yantra as a beautiful picture! The Yantra cannot be invented from imagination. The Vedic Yantras were discovered through revelation by clairvoyance and not invented by someone's imagination! All Yantras come with detailed method of installation and worship along with specific Mantras in order to preserve its efficacy and and effects.

Yantras-For Everyone   
1) Shree Yantra
2) Kuber Yantra
3) Ganesh Yantra
4) Saraswati Yantra
5) Mahalaxmi Yantra
6 )Gayatri Yantra
7) Bagla Mukhi Yantra
8) Maha Mritunjay Yantra
9) Navgraha Yantra
10) Vaastu Yantra
11) Vahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra
12) Vyappar Vriddhi Yantra
13) Kalsarpa yog Yantra
14) Karya Siddhi Yantra
15) Mahakali Yantra
16) Mangal Yantra
17) Ram Raksha Yantra
18) Shiva Yantra
19) Shubh Labh Yantra
20) Krishna Yntra
21) Durga Bisa Yantra

Jain Yantras   
22) Navkar Mantra Yantra
23) Parasnath Yantra
24) Padmavati Devi Yantra
25) Ghantakaran Mahavir Yantra
26) Manibhadra Yantra
27) Shree Nakoda

Planetary Yantra
28) Siddh Chandra Yantra-for planet Moon
29) Siddha Mangal Yantra-for planet Mars
30) Siddha Budha Yantra-for planet Mercury
31) Siddh Guru Yantra-for planet Jupiter
32) Siddha Sukra Yantra-for planet Venus
33) Siddha Sani Yantra-for planet Saturn
34) Siddh Surya Yantra-for planet Sun
35) Siddh Rahu Yantra-for Dragon's head
36) Siddh Ketu Yantra-for Dragon's tail 



We are soon coming out with silver locket Yantras with a loop so that one can wear it with their own chain around the neck.

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