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Sadhe Saati (Saturn Transit)

Sadhe-Sati or Saati (7.5 years Saturn Transit)

Sadhe-sati is a transit cycle which occurs to every one periodically. It is an expression which in astrological language means a period of 7 ½ years when Saturn transits 3 particular houses successively.
Although the underlying stance always is that the period of Sadhe-sati is harmful, Saturn being the most malefic planet, yet Sadhe-sati proves to be harmful for some, neutral for others and even very good for others. It all depends on several factors in the ounce’s horoscope which make different people experience Sadhe-sati differently. Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru & Ms. Indira Gandhi became Prime Ministers of India in their respective periods of Sadhe Sati

If the dasha is good, Sadhe-sati can't be too bad. If the dasha and Sadhe-sati both are bad then only the full force of harmful Sadhe-sati is felt. If both are good then Sadhe-sati is a beneficial period to look forward to. Let us not forget that transit is always subservient to the dasha. The transit of Saturn is generally unfavorable in respect of houses he transits unless he is transiting his own house. Saturn also has depressing influence on the radical planet when during the course of his transit he aspects.

To be specific about beginning and ending points of Sadhe-Sati, it is plain Geometry and scientific also because Sadhe-Sati begins when Saturn is 45 degree behind Moon ends when it crosses 45 degree beyond Moon.

Sadhe sati is referred to the seven and a half year period when Saturn transits over natal moon and adjoining houses. Consider a person who has his/her Janma Rashi as Aries, i.e. in the chart prepared during his/her time of birth, Moon is situated in Aries. Now, when Saturn moves through zodiac and comes to the sign of Aries, it is said to be transiting over Aries. In case of this person, adjoining houses would mean Pisces (one before) and Taurus (one after Aries). Thus, Saturn’s transit over the three houses comprises of a total duration of 3*2.5=7.5 years. This 7.5 year duration is called in Hindi as Sadhe Sati .It Comes every 30 normal life span, one would see 2-3 sadhe satis in his/her life.

In astrology, Saturn is considered most dreaded planet. Sun represents light, Saturn represents darkness. Saturn represents poverty and depression. Sunlight is the basis of all life on earth. Saturn is associated with obstruction and difficulties.

Saturn is said to be a cruel planet but may be it is not. One reaps what he or she sows. Saturn seems to be the implementer of this saying. One need not fear Saturn if One’s deeds are good. Though during this period native does not have peace of mind. One thing after other crops up to keep the native very unsettled. However, in modern times, this is common and not only for the Sadhe saati period ! Negative effects of Saturn and sadhe sati are reduced by praying to Lord Hanuman who has special powers and has control over planet Saturn.

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