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Relationship Analysis

Would you like to find out how compatible two of you are? Our compatibility chart is truly based on eight different human aspects and 36 points count. Our report uses Ancient Vedic principles of compatibility analysis between two horoscopes. It gives recommendations for each aspect of compatibility like mind, body and soul. For example, emotionally, ideologically and mentally.

Marriage is a sacred occasion and a vow. Our saints and sages have devised a method testing matrimonial adaptability as prescribed by Vedas and Shastras(ancient Indian Vedic scriptures), which basically refers to material things like wealth, physical/sexual pleasures and salvation. Ancient astrologers have surely devised guidelines and rules to test relationship/marriage compatibility between male and female. Relationships can be between two friends,lovers or future bride and groom.

You will get detailed explanations of:
Sun-Sun Compatibility
Ascendant Compatibility
Sun-Moon Compatibility

Planetary influences on the 7th house (it is considered house of spouse) It also includes effects of Mars/Martian (Mangal) on the marriage life. Eight-fold tests of compatibility between the charts as per ancient Indian Vedic astrological principles is applied to different areas of compatibility and non-compatibility like mental, dominance, health and life, sexual compatibility, qualities of mind and affection for other partner, temperaments, general prosperity and family wealth after marriage, and finally compatibility's between life forces.

Do not we all truly think why we are drawn to a particular individual? Why one couple is so happy While other just do not get along at all? Is it because temperaments are not compatible? It is really all in the stars and planets. All above is more so important especially when there is an arranged marriage. What are the favorable and unfavorable periods for love and marriage and other guidelines and remedies if available. So to find out what the stars and planets say about your love & marriage and how it will go, order your customized Relationship Analysis Report.

If you plan to have relationship or already have one, it is still interesting report to read and draw your own conclusions, but it surely does give you some guide. We show you the astrological basis of the relationship, but the final decisions always rests in your hands.

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