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What is Numerology?

The greatest achievement of the modern age is the number. Number is our friend, companion & guide. Number is the creator of past, present and future. Numbers have great influence on our lives. Even in our daily life we feel so attached to a particular number then other numbers. Numerology is the language of numbers and its significance. Based on our daily life experience we can say that each number has its own unique vibration and influence. Numerology is considered the most important factor in many sciences.

Each individual is born on a certain day & on a certain year. Such day and year are actually numbers and Numerology uses such numbers in order to map out a person's life. Numerology helps us learn about destiny, psyche and self. Accordingly, there are two sets of important numbers. First Psyche (Radical) Number. Second Destiny (Fortune) Number in Numerology.

The Psyche number is obtained by making a single whole number (from 1 to 9) of the day of the month in which a person is born. Example: John Doe born on December 25th, and since 2+ 5=7, his psyche number is 7. Psyche number defines one's basic character, psychological patterns of behavior. It represents an individual's basic predisposition and abilities and is reflected in his or her daily life. It is also called Nature number.

The Destiny or Fortune is the single whole number obtained by adding up the date, month and year of birth. Example: John Doe is born on December 25th 1945, so 1+2+2+5+1+9+4+5 = 29, 2+9=11, 1+1=2. Thus Destiny or Fortune number is 2. The destiny number highlights our purpose and plan of life to determine our destiny. In a way it tells us how we are viewed by the the outside world and is very much tied to our past Karma, which is nothing but vibration patterns acquired by past actions. As our life progresses and we learn the lessons in life, we tend to take on more of the characteristics of our destiny number.

Our Numerology consideration report provides Radical (Psyche) number, Lucky (Destiny) Number, favorable day, favorable months and favorable years, favorable dates, days, planets, colors, favorable metals, grain, time. Also favorable and unfavorable planets. It is a short but interesting report which we are sure you will enjoy. It gives you complete picture of the numbers that influences your life. It also briefly mentions your overall health, suitable areas for job & careers, and your personality faults you need to correct.

As we all know numbers influences and govern our bank account, telephone, car, house, tax ID , etc. etc. The world is based on the “Power of Numerology “

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