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What is MANTRA?

Mantras are divine syllables or potent sound which are verses from old Indian vedas. If recited correctly, with devotion and faith and belief, they are capable of influencing human mind, body and soul. It creates very powerful vibration and cosmic effects around you which results in fulfillment of wishes. These mantras are time-tested and perfected by our ancient sages and saints after thousands of years of their dedicated practice, perseverance and patience. Mantra influences both, one who chants mantra and one who hears them. Sages are not composers of Mantras, like we normally compose sentences, they are not inventors. They are discoverers of Mantras which they discovered when they went deep in meditation.

The specific Mantra, when properly recited, creates an energy and positive vibration field around you. It certainly helps eradicate mental stress and helps achieve peace of mind. Mantra is chanted repeatedly and that is called japa and this japa is key part of Hindu Prayer. Each mantra has different use, because most importantly each mantra creates its own peculiar vibrations and energy. Mantra increases positive feelings and thoughts, because it eradicates negative thoughts and feelings from one's mind and soul. It is a means of getting in touch with our self. One must recite mantra gently in a pleasant manner and while reciting, one should make every effort to meditate and concentrate. Mantras must be recited as and how they are and no efforts should be made to modify or alter. Because then mantra loses it power and becomes useless. It should be repeated in a methodical systematic manner without any undue strain or stress on any part of body (mind & soul) While reciting mantra, one's mind should be free from any desires. For mantra to be effective, pure mind, perseverance and dedication are very important. Mantra is energy and it helps one in his or her spiritual growth. For successful results of mantra recitation, one must have determination, faith, body posture, patience, desire to meditate.

The word mantra comes from Sanskrit (oldest language) "Mantrana" means suggestion or advice. It is a great healer. Primarily it is faith which effect of mantras. Melody, intonation, pronunciation whether silently or aloud. All are very necessary and important in effective recitation of any mantra. A medium speed beat cycle is good for group as well as individual chanting of mantra. The simple reason being, it does not adversely disturb normal heartbeat and breathing. Fast speed beat cycle is only effective when it is done in group, for simple reason that human mind naturally works in synchronization with beat cycle and it creates good effect.

What is OM? It is not mere human invention, associated with any race or culture, it is a symbol of deep realities that already exists. It is stated as AUM. If someone so desires, OM mantra can be repeated just for good feeling and having no specific sense of meaning. The experience will be very calming, pleasant and soothing. It is one of the oldest Mantra. What you will experience will be four aspects of AUM, the vibration of the universe, the very object that goes with OM, the flow with the breath, countless pulsing of the gross and subtle, are all clear manifestations of that one great vibration that is well represented by OM.

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