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Everyone generally knows his/her astrological  Moon or Sun sign from their month and date of birth, they are most likely unaware of  personal charactericstics connected with it, and dietary, preventive & hygienic measures to be followed to keep one’s self in good health.

The medical astrology is very fascinating & useful without a doubt. We should be thankful to computers & science of astronomy. The whole purpose of medical astrology is to find & prevent conditions & disorders.

Just as a doctor looks at blood & urine reports to get an insight to diagnosis, medical astrology also gets an insight via a person’s horoscope/natal chart etc. But horoscope does not diagnose, it only provides overall picture of person’s constitution (strong or weak), healing abilities, metabolism, general psychology of the native.

As far as medical astrology is concerned, tweleve signs of Zodiac equals twelve main parts of the human body. Each part of the body is ruled by one of zodiacal sign.
Aries sign rules over head & face.

The natal chart is important & it is an assurance given at birth..It describes one’s personality & potential internal conflicts, which in turn can lead to several imbalances.  The Sun, its zodiac sign location and whether or not it is afflicted by the malefic planets indicates person’s metabolism. The Moon its Zodiac sign if it is afflicted by the malefic planets indicates flow of urination, lymph  & emotional built up of a native. The Saturn, the most malefic Planet, its location according to sign and house represents weakest points of the body.

Moon diseases today predominates the health chart. It has special affinity for the eyes. Disorders of the breasts, womb, Cance & stomach.. Moon dominated natives are restless & changeable and are vulnerable to diseases like infections, cold & flu.

In woman/s natal chart if Moon is less afflicted, she can live good, long & healthy life.
So healthy body has a healthy mind. Medical astrology is a special area, it is a science and healing art.

Medical astrology in all likelihood provides insights in to timings of events which are to take place in life & thus give us clues as to when certain medical problems may arise & taper off.

Following is the list of twelve houses & various body parts they rule.

Houses Body Parts
1 Head
2 Face, right eye of the male and left eye of the female, mouth, tongue, teeth, Upper food pipe, throat and neck
3 Ears, Arms, hands, lungs 7 nerves
4 Lungs and Heart, stomach, breasts, throat
5 Spleen, Pancreas, Liver, spine & back
6 Small Intestine, digestion
7 Kidneys
8 Sexual Organs, Large Intestine, Colon, lower back
9 Hips, Hip Joints, thighs
10 Skin, knees & bones
11 Circulation, blood & legs
12 Feet, Left eye of the male and right eye of the female

Medical astrology may provide important lifesaving information, thru its application one can prepare him/herself before medical problem‘s onset or beginning. It can recommend some vedic astrogical remedial measures, astro foods change in life style etc.

Our medical health profile report  provides opinion on quality of health you most likely to enjoy, diseases likely to attack your body system due to your own planetary configuration etc. Timings of ill health in next few years like in young, middle or old age.. Also in case of a person already suffering from certain ailment, when he or she likely will be cured & when.

In our opinion, many people have benefited by following astrological reports regards to their health and taking sufficient precautions when going thru a adverse time in life resulting in avoiding  serious health problems and enhancing other benefits.

We wish everyone good health & also wish you do not need any medical astrological Reports or opinions.

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