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The gemstones (both precious and semi-precious are commonly used in ancient Indian Vedic Astrology.) An Individual's horoscope/birth chart provides positions of various planets and their respective effects on a person's life. The use of gemstones for medical and astrological reasons is called Gem Therapy. The rays of each planet fall on the earth while planets are rotating. Higher the density, higher the effect on a person. Vedic astrological science has found out that gemstones have tremendous power. Each planet emits a certain specific color and effects of gemstones does happen due to vibration capacity of rays of light and colors of planets. The gemstone may give positive or negative effects depending upon individual planetary combinations.

The theory prescribed by Vedic science is for use of seven gems to capture visible spectrum in the rays of Sun. Another theory states that gems are cosmic filter and prevents particular vibrations from causing any negatives. One gemstone is assigned to each planet. Gemstones empower a person by their supernatural effects.

Gems do help achieve certain breakthroughs in life. It does help secure freedom from various health problems. It helps in jobs, business, finance, family tranquilities and love & romance. It also helps brings out your inner qualities like tenacity, patience, hard work perseverance and diligence. Each minute our human lives are directed by planets, which has its own rays. Gemstones have tremendous power. Vedic science has proved thru experiences of their sages as to which planet emits which color. In order to achieve maximum benefits, one should wear appropriate gemstone of effective planet and recite corresponding related Mantra, which in turn creates an "aura" and Armour of rays and waves surrounding wearer and thus giving him or her desired benefits.

Gemstones should be worn on a recommended day and time. The gemstone should be set in a ring made out of specific metal like gold, silver or platinum. The weight of the gemstone varies, but it should be generally speaking between there to six (3-6) carats. Also men and women are supposed to wear ring made out of gemstone on a specific hand and again on a specific finger. Also one should be careful not to wear any other stone which is contradictory from astrological point of view. The main reason for gemstone selection is color. In Americas and other western countries lots of people use Zodiac sign to determine which stone would be beneficial. Also whenever birth data is unknown, gemstone is selected on the basis of sign. The color, clarity and weight of the gems should be kept in mind when selecting a gem. Also when you are getting your ring made from a Jeweler, it should be made in a way that stone touches your skin and the surface of the stone should be open so that it absorbs the rays of the planet.

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Our special awesome unisex pendant made of nine gems is a excellent piece of astrologically beneficial artwork It brings good luck and fortune through planetary rays. The gems are arranged as per old Vedic scriptures and makes an ideal gift for anyone you love. It is extremely beneficial to wearer and there is no need for specific astrological consult The "NAVRATAN" pendant helps enhance positive effects of planets and helps mitigate negative planetary effects.

This "Navratan" pendant is our best seller and people really like it and admire it heartily. All the various stones used are of genuine & good quality, are suitable for astrological pendant. It can be worn everyday by any person without any checking of horoscope. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery Price is subject to change without notice, you are welcome to inquire should you have any question. Gems are crystalline minerals and since ancient times people believe that it brings good fortune.

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